“Frackademics” – Letter to Professor Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust

“Frackademics” – Letter to Professor Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust

Dear Professor Jeremy Farrar,

We are writing to you because we understand the Wellcome Trust both house, and part fund, the Science Media Centre. Please refer to our latest report that highlights (in case study 4) that, in the case of shale gas, the SMC is not providing a balanced view of the available evidence and uncertainties on the impacts of unconventional oil and gas. It is instead providing quotes from academics, which mostly support an establishment viewpoint, ignoring the whole body of evidence available on this issue from the USA, Australia and Canada.

We believe this behaviour will lead to a crisis in public confidence and trust in scientific reporting and academia and that the Science Media Centre will be significantly responsible for this. Please read the report as we believe you will find it highly engaging. We would appreciate a response outlining your position with the Science Media Centre in light of this report.

We have also written to some of the journalists highlighted in the report, who have published articles that have come from the SMC that clearly show unreasonable bias.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Talk Fracking

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