The Dalai Lama’s world-famous Gyuto Monks, who are currently on their Open Mind, Loving Heart tour of the UK, are making special detours to two fracking sites to perform a traditional land puja blessing ceremony.

The Monks will arrive on Saturday morning, at INEOS’s proposed fracking site in Woodsetts, Rotherham, which is currently under an oppressive injunction order, instigated by chemicals cartel, INEOS, as they continue to force themselves into the community.

The day before will see the Monks visit Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road exploratory fracking site in Lancashire for a similar blessing ceremony.

The land puja ceremony will take place on Saturday morning at Woodsetts. This is an ancient Tibetan practice that honours and blesses the land and all inhabitants that live there, with the intent of removing negative lower energies so that peace and harmony can be restored within the land and surrounds.

This land blessing will be strongly welcomed in Woodsetts and the surrounding communities, especially at the National Trust’s historic site, Clumber Park, only a few miles away. The National Trust is facing the very real menace of corporate bullying with INEOS threatening legal action against the Trust’s active refusal of access to the frackers, who want to carry out potentially damaging seismic testing within Trust land.

The Gyuto Monks’ ‘chordal chanting’ has been described as having the resonance of a drum or didgeridoo, with a transformative effect on the listener. The tradition dates back more than 600 years and has been widely received worldwide: even scientists at NASA and MIT studied their technique and concluded that the Tibetan Monks emit the lowest sounds that a human is capable of making, also finding non-audible vibrations during their chanting. The monks’ distinct chant has previously been described by Professor Huston Smith as “the holiest sound I had ever heard”.

Another phenomenon that the Monks are noted for is their unique ability to raise their core body temperature by up to 20 degrees during their meditations and chants.

The Monks particularly felt that this blessing was important to perform for the local community that is currently under assault from INEOS’s fracking plans and oppressive injunctions. The prayer offering within the blessing focuses on the integrity of the ecological landscape, and the residents, especially the children who have to grow and thrive in the environment that is left for them in the future.

The 15-minutes blessing ceremony will begin at 11:00, on the edge of the land where the INEOS injunction has been unfairly imposed, albeit as an interim one, pending an appeal or trial verdict. The Monks, therefore, will quite literally be treading the fine line between being law-abiding and breaching a corporate-driven, authoritarian injunction.

INEOS’s initial injunction that was widely slapped across ‘persons unknown’, was a dark and dangerous step into corporations buying British law to benefit themselves. The injunction, which was awarded in a secret court, hidden from media and public scrutiny, sought to ban all forms of protest against INEOS’s operations, both online and offline. Threats of imprisonment, steep financial penalties or even or asset-seizing, left campaigners horrified at the lengths a corporation would go to criminalise legitimate protest.

Following legal challenges by two campaigners, Joe Corré and Joe Boyd, the injunction was allowed to continue, but watered down, with the tyrannical harassment clause removed entirely. Had this been kept in, this would have prevented anyone on social media commenting in a negative way about INEOS, with the real threat of legal action hanging over them. Both campaigners have vowed to continue challenging INEOS’s prohibition of the right to protest against fracking.

For more information on the Gyuto Monks, please see their website. Contact Woodsetts Against Fracking here.



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