Here’s a quick recap of the INEOS injunction case that Joe Corré and campaigner, Joe Boyd, are currently fighting:

1. The case was brought to the Chancery Division of the High Court which deals with business disputes and the court is not accustomed to and doesn’t have expertise in dealing with cases involving human rights.

2.  The Interim Injunction was first granted at a SECRET COURT hearing. INEOS convinced the Judge that secrecy was necessary by painting local communities with legitimate concerns as ‘dangerous fanatics’ and ‘militant activists.’

3.  An example of a legitimate concern: INEOS wish to frack just 200 yards from a local school.

4. INEOS attempted to keep the details of their Injunction SECRET to stifle any opposition by requiring anyone interested to submit ID to their lawyers, with onerous threats of incurring INEOS’s legal costs, just to have a look at the documents.

5. As soon as Joe Corré gave his details to INEOS’s lawyers they put him down as a ‘Named Defendant’ in the case without presenting any evidence against him whatsoever.

6. At the SECRET Court hearing, INEOS clearly breached the Legal Code by failing to represent any opposition from local people or any objections from anyone else at all.

7. INEOS submitted 32 lever arch files and over six hours of video footage as evidence, supporting their claim to be granted this injunction, and at the same time recommended the Judge required only three hours of reading time to consider it all.

8. On the Court Hearing application form INEOS ticked the box NO when answering the question as to whether there were Human Rights issues involved in the case. Thereby the Court allocated a Judge who was inexperienced in Human Rights laws and he had to repeatedly ask Joe Corré’s legal team for help.


INEOS are gaming the legal system and showing contempt for the law.

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