INEOS injunction


In September 2017, fracking company INEOS were granted an unprecedented, draconian injunction against ‘persons unknown’ from protesting at eight of their well-sites, their offices and supply chain, even though most locations have never been subject to protests. This injunction means that peaceful protesters could be jailed, fined and have their assets seized. The injunction is also in contravention of our rights to protest under Article 10 and Article 11 of the Human Rights Act 1998, namely affecting Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly and Association.

The original ruling was made in July of this year, in a private hearing where the press and public were not present. Anti-fracking campaigners, Joe Corre and Joe Boyd brought a challenge to this undemocratic ruling and the case is due to be heard in the High Court from the 31 October 2017. Read more about the case here.

Those leading the fight against the INEOS injunction are asking all anti-fracking campaigners – and indeed anyone who cares about our basic human rights and the right to peaceful protest – to get involved in publicising this important case. One thing we would like people to do is to write INEOS on some tape, card, paper or whatever else you can find, and then take a head-and-shoulders shot of themselves with this covering your mouth.

INEOS injunction

Dame Vivienne Westwood

This is to show that INEOS are attempting to silence public protest. Couples, children, groups, family shots – all are a great demonstration of how far this oppressive injunction would affect our communities.

Make sure that people can see the word INEOS. We recommend you don’t use their actual logo as that might be seen by the company as misuse of trademark.

Please share your photos on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts (anti-fracking, climate campaign, divest movement, human rights, personal, etc.). We want photos of people with INEOS taped over their mouths all over Facebook and Twitter in the coming days  to show the strength of national opposition to the injunction.

When you are posting on Facebook or Twitter, please use the hashtag #INEOSvTHEPEOPLE. Add #HumanRights and #RightToProtest if you have the space.

Here are step-by-step instructions of how to join in on Twitter:

1.  Take a selfie with a hand-drawn INEOS logo across your mouth. Couples, families and group photos are good too (see above)

2.  Upload it as a Tweet.

3.  Click “Who’s in this photo?” and tag 10 of your most influential followers. (If you are an anti-fracking group that tweets regularly, hopefully these would    include journalists, campaigners and NGOs).

4. Compose a tweet that includes the hashtags: #INEOSvTHEPEOPLE, #RightToProtest and #HumanRights (character space dependent).

5. Add this URL: (note:  you must upload the photo before you add the URL, or else it won’t let you add the photo)

6. Tweet! And please share other related Tweets by searching the hashtags – let’s get trending!

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