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Environment The UK government is hazardously pressing forward with an elimination of the last shreds of democracy, in a backwards battle to force fracking onto unwilling communities. The Tories’ latest plans came in the form of a new and highly-flawed ministerial statement last week, with Greg...

Ineos’s Dire Global Environmental Safety Record

As Ineos pushes forward in its attempts to dominate the UK’s troubled shale gas industry, Food and Water Europe have published a new issue brief on the chemical giant's multitude of failures, including a catalogue of health and safety breaches, pollution incidents and chemical leaks. Recently named...

Landfill: A Toxic Ticking Timebomb

Almost four years on, the parents of seven-year-old Zane Gbangbola are still battling for the truth behind their son’s tragic death. How, in 2014, their small, beautiful boy went to sleep at night and never woke up again, still remains a painful memory that Zane’s...

Who are the Nana’s?

Katharine Styles (55), aka Nana Cupcake, from Lytham Saint Annes I own and run a small sandwich shop latterly, but previously I was a teacher within the further education sector. I have been a school governor, a rainbow leader and I have also taught children’s cookery...

Does a fracking disaster lurk under UK floodwaters?

Forecasters expect more floods as a US blizzard heads to the UK, predicted to land here tomorrow morning.[1] Areas prone to floods are not protected from fracking. In fact almost 20% of all UK fracking licence blocks offered by the government substantially overlap with zones...

UK failing to learn U.S. lessons on fracking waste water

The following article was written by Professor R. Stuart Haszeldine OBE, Dr. Stuart M.V. Gilfillan and Edinburgh University PhD student, Megan C. O'Donnell.  It was originally published on 22nd January 2016 at energyandcarbon.com. Professor R. Stuart Haszeldine OBE is Chair of Geology at Edinburgh University.   His research time is mostly spent trying to enable Carbon Capture and...

Stop the Fracking Cover Up

A total of ten MPs have now called for DEFRA’s censored ‘Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts’ report to be released in full, including four MPs from David Cameron’s own party.  Last week, at the House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on the environmental risks of fracking, three...

The Lethal Threat of Fracking Landfills

Nearly a year ago, at the height of the UK floods, on 8th February 2014, tragedy struck an ordinary family in Chertsey, Surrey, when water rose in their home and suddenly all were taken ill. Zane, a beautiful bright 7-year-old boy who had just won...

The Government wants to obscure the truth about Fracking

Keith Taylor is the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the South East region. In this blog, he explains why he signed the Talk Fracking petition demanding that David Cameron release DEFRA's censored report on fracking in full, before MPs decide on the Infrastructure Bill.  An open...

Mass Lobby of Parliament Against Infrastructure Bill

On Wednesday 14th January, a coalition of grassroots campaign groups are hosting a mass lobby of Parliament against the Infrastructure Bill that is currently being pushed through Parliament [1]. The Bill has been described by George Monbiot as a “[graveyard] for burying bad news” [2]...