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Vivienne Westwood and The Nanas declare War On Fracking

The government plans to fast-track fracking and take powers away from local communities but on Friday 11th September 2015 at David Cameron’s constituency home in Oxfordshire, The Nanas told the Prime Minister, “the oven gloves are coming off!” Vivienne Westwood and The Nanas from Lancashire and...

A Victory for People Power! By Asad Rehman

Asad Rehman is Head of International Climate at Friends of the Earth (EWNI) and a Board member of Friends of the Earth International. Asad is from Burnley, Lancashire. This morning countless people will have woken up exhausted and elated from yesterdays amazing victory against Cuadrilla and fracking. The...

When Lancashire Went Frack Free

Ebony Ava Johnson is a founding member of the ‘Frack Free Lancashire’ campaign. She began as a concerned resident and mother.  We started the Frack Free Lancashire campaign just a year ago. In Lancashire alone, there are now over 40 groups united against fracking. This week,...

Pro-Fracking Fakes

Shady fracking lobbyists have denied that they had created a sham grassroots group to fake a pro-shale gas campaign, by roping in college students as supporters of the climate-destroying drilling method. Westbourne Communications, which has shale gas companies Centrica and Caudrilla as clients, said it did not...

Let’s stay on the road to a fracked future

Dame Vivienne Westwood joined Talk Fracking for the launch of our new billboard, cradling a ‘fracked baby of the future’ at Westminster Bridge, London. The impacts of fracking are harmful to our health, the economy and our environment, but our government continues to ignore the...

Frackademics – the infiltration of the academic community

Frackademics - how the fracking industry and their PR machine have infiltrated the academic community This new study commissioned by Talk Fracking, looks at the relationships between scientists, academics, policy makers and the industry.  This report undermines the foundations of the four reports, which the government and industry...