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Environment The UK government is hazardously pressing forward with an elimination of the last shreds of democracy, in a backwards battle to force fracking onto unwilling communities. The Tories’ latest plans came in the form of a new and highly-flawed ministerial statement last week, with Greg...


We realise that fracking is a complex issue, and that there's an ocean of information about fracking out there. There is also much confusion and misinformation on both sides of the argument and it is advisable to check references and statistics for yourself....

Printable Jim Ratcliffe Fashion Accessory Face Mask!

BRAND-NEW from the Talk Fracking winter fashion collection! Now you can experience the very latest in tyrannical fracking fashion accessories, by downloading your own printable Jim Ratcliffe mask! Enjoy scaring your local community and children by wearing this so-right-now face mask, depicting INEOS's big boss man,...

INEOS Demolish Local Democracy

In a staggering display of arrogance, INEOS have bypassed local councils in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, heading straight to their pro-fracking government pals in order to gain permission to frack at two sites. INEOS has lodged an appeal for a public inquiry to take place, with...

Ineos’s Dire Global Environmental Safety Record

As Ineos pushes forward in its attempts to dominate the UK’s troubled shale gas industry, Food and Water Europe have published a new issue brief on the chemical giant's multitude of failures, including a catalogue of health and safety breaches, pollution incidents and chemical leaks. Recently named...

INEOS: Nonsense Presented as Fact

Peter Olive writes a guest post for Talk Fracking, on INEOS's obfuscation of its company name   The Use and Abuse of Latin in the Petrochemical Industry Petrochemical CEO Jim Ratcliffe claims that his company name, INEOS, is informed by Greek and Latin roots. No doubt he learned...


A powerful group photo call of INEOS-gagged campaigners outside the Royal Courts of Justice opened the three-day hearing yesterday, of the challenge against a prohibitive injunction which restricts people’s right to protest against INEOS’s fracking operations. The first day of the High Court hearing saw Joe...