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Lancashire – the state of play

Day 18 of the appeal by fracking company Cuadrilla, against Lancashire County Council's rejection [1] of planning applications for two sites; Roseacre and Little Plumpton (Preston New Road). The appeal being held at the Blackpool Football Club will today hear the closing arguments by those...

Problems with Policing Those Opposed to Fracking

There are over 400 groups now fighting to stop unconventional energy around the UK. Each group has its own identity primarily based on location or campaign-type and although they all share a determined aim, each is an entirely autonomous group that acts to its own agenda...

The Nanas Talk Fracking Tour

The Nanas are a group opposed to fracking who host public meetings and join actions across the UK in order to raise awareness about the risks of unconventional energy. Supported by TalkFracking.org, this group works in solidarity with local groups that are currently fighting planning...

Are UKOG fracking at Horse Hill in Surrey?

On Tuesday 23rd February, 'The Nanas' journeyed from Lancashire to meet with other Nanas from the South, local residents opposed to UK Oil and Gas’s (UKOG) current flow-testing and proposed future production of oil, at the Horse Hill site, near Gatwick Airport, in Surrey.  But...

Does a fracking disaster lurk under UK floodwaters?

Forecasters expect more floods as a US blizzard heads to the UK, predicted to land here tomorrow morning.[1] Areas prone to floods are not protected from fracking. In fact almost 20% of all UK fracking licence blocks offered by the government substantially overlap with zones...

UK failing to learn U.S. lessons on fracking waste water

The following article was written by Professor R. Stuart Haszeldine OBE, Dr. Stuart M.V. Gilfillan and Edinburgh University PhD student, Megan C. O'Donnell.  It was originally published on 22nd January 2016 at energyandcarbon.com. Professor R. Stuart Haszeldine OBE is Chair of Geology at Edinburgh University.   His research time is mostly spent trying to enable Carbon Capture and...

Victory for East Kent Against Fracking

Anyone who knows anything about the dangers of fracking will be celebrating that not a single licence in the whole of East Kent was included in the recently announced 14th Licensing round....

War On Fracking Workshop at Upton Community Protection Camp

Our ‘War On Fracking’ direct action workshop at Upton Community Protection Camp took place on Saturday 5th December 2015 and participants included Dame Vivienne Westwood The Workshop gave beginners a chance to learn direct action skills at Upton Community Protection Camp, near Chester. During the 45-minute workshop, participants...